Revised Final Four Predictions

(Charlotte, NC) — I had a college basketball coach once lament to me once the problem with the AAU culture as it regards competitiveness in his sport. His theory was that with so many games during the AAU season that players lost the sense of urgency when they came to college and had to learn that.

It seems that sense of urgency is lost when it comes to picking NCAA Tournament games. All through the tournament, I’ve seen ads on various websites state you can re-do your picks after your bracket has been busted.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I’ll keep the picks I still have alive. That means Kansas, Duke and UNC remain my picks.

I’ll add Virginia. I was skeptical about the Cavaliers getting out of the opening weekend. That’s not a knock on this team with solid players in Malcolm Brogden and Anthony Gil. They also have a fine coach in Tony Bennett. I needed them to so me they could play like favorites and get out of the opening weekend. Check that off their list.

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